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Here’s another post to show you how these things look formatted. Above is an image that goes all the way across. Don’t forget to align your photos peroperly. When you look at the official WordPress theme viewer, a lot of themes look bad because most people don’t specify a standard CSS class to float images, which is a good decision by the theme designer.Here’s both an unordered list and some reasons to download one of our themes:

  • This theme makes your site look good.
  • It loads faster than most other themes.
  • It validates properly.
  • All the cool kids are doing it.

That’s about it. Download this theme if you want to be awesome.

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This is a Sample Post

This is a sample post to show you what this theme looks like wrapped around a real live WordPress blog. This is just so you can see what your blog will look like when you install one of these themes. Want to see what a blockquote looks like?

This is a blockquote. Like what it looks like? So do we. It’s indented, full of happiness, and more. Well, this is the end of the blockquote.

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